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Top 20 Popular Ethiopian Restaurant names

- Most Popular: Queen of Sheba, Blue Nile, Meskerem, Abyssinia, Axum
- Place names: Addis Ababa, Dukem, Arada, Merkato, Lalibela, Axum
- River names: Blue Nile/Abay, Awash, Ghion
- Item names: Mesob, Gojo
- People names: Menelik, Ghenet
- Calendar/Holidays: Meskerem, Fasika

Restaurant Names

Meaning of Restaurant Names

Abay Ethiopian name of the Blue Nile River, the largest river in Africa. It flows out of Western Ethiopia with 80% of the water that makes it to Egypt after crossing Sudan.
Addis Ababa The capitol of Ethiopia. It means New (addis) Flower (abeba), it was named as such by Emperor Menilik when he founded the city in 1886. The city name gives insight into the times thinking of the country ready to flower & looking forward to its future. City has over 3 million inhabitants.
Awash One of the 3 major rivers in Ethiopia; 1. Awash, 2. Abay (Blue Nile) 3. Shebele
Axum The site of Ethiopia's magnificent Obelisks, dating back Before Christ. Axum is the name of the local area/city. Axum is also the site where Arc of Covenant is housed according to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church; it was brought there by Menelik son of Queen of Sheba(Ethiopia) & King Solomon(Isreal).
Arada A neighborhood within Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods, dating back to the foundation of the city. Today Arada is a bustling area with many shops, most of the shops are Gift Shops featuring mainly Goldsmith Shops.
Abyssinia Ancient name of Ethiopia, its roots are Greek.
Blue Nile Blue Nile River, starts in the Ethiopian mountains then flows through Sudan & Egypt all the way to the Red Sea. Blue Nile is known as Abay River within Ethiopia. There are two other major rivers within Ethiopia, they are Awash & Shebele.
Fasika Celebration of Easter, Easter is knows as Fasika in Ethiopia. Easter/Lent fasting lasts for 40 days and in the Orthodox Tradition during fasting no Animal product is eaten - strictly vegan. Therefore when Fasika/Easter comes around its a big holiday... with many meat dishes being the centerpieces.
Ghion One of the largest rivers in Ethiopia, Ghion is the river that flowed out of heaven(Ghenet in Amharic).
Gojo Gojo means Hut, traditional huts that you still see in the country side. Most restaurants use the name as its catchy and nostalgic for Ethiopians abroad.
Harrar Eastern provincial state of Ethiopia, Harrar borders Somalia. Usually used as a restaurant name by Restaurateurs hailing from this area.
Kokeb Kokeb means star in Amharic. Literal translations would be "Star Restaurant".
Lalibela Name of King Lalibela and commonly for Lalibela city where is dynasty was based. Lalibela is more popularly known for the rock hewn churches built there during the 14th century to protect them against expanding Muslim invasions. Today its one of the top tourist draws to Ethiopia.
Langano One of the largest lakes found in the Ethiopian Rift Valley region. The Rift Valley region is an area that's below sea level and usually hot with many lakes found in it. Langano is a popular vacation destination within Ethiopia with 3 hotels in the area, on the weekends city dwellers from Addis Ababa and Awasa (2nd largest city) head over to Langano to vacation.
Meskerem The first month on the Ethiopian Calendar, Ethiopian calendar has 13 months with the last one having only 5 days. Meskerem is the equivalent of January. The months go Meskerem, Tikemt, Hidar, Tahesas, Tir, Yekatit, Megabit...
Meskel Ethiopian holiday "Finding of the True Cross".
Mesob Mesob is the traditional Ethiopian table made out of woven straw. It has an hour glass shape and is circular as people sit around it to eat communally the traditional Ethiopian way. Some restaurants feature this table outside of Ethiopia.
Merkato Merkato is Addis Ababa's largest market, infact its the largest open air market in Africa where you can find anything you can imagine. Think of Walmart, Costco, Home Depot & a few other stores on one location without roofs. A popular destination for shoppers and visitors alike.
Menelik Emperor Menelik, father of modern Ethiopia. Credited with installation of Telegraph, First (and only) train route, Establishing diplomatic relations with America, France & many other great nations.
Sodere Sodere - is the name of a very very famous resort town about 2 hours from Addis Ababa(capital of Ethiopia), it has hot mineral springs. Two swimming pools (one olympic size), a small restaurant, bungalows, and camping facilities make Sodere a pleasant weekend resort or day trip.

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